SportsFan Pools End Of Service
Our final pool was for the 2015 NCAA Tournament won by Duke. SportsFan proudly hosted many thousands of pools over the years and could not have done it without loyal and passionate customers. Thank you!

Former Users
We hope you have enjoyed participating in the March Madness pools hosted here. Unfortunately, your pool will not be run here any longer. Get in touch with the person who ran your pool for information on where your pool will be run in the future.

End Of Service FAQ
When did the service shutdown?
All pools went offline on Wednesday, March 16, 2016.
Can I still access my pool website or my archives?
Not any longer.
I was a past player. Where is my pool located now?
You must contact whoever is in charge of your pool. We do not have that information any longer.
Is the pool software available for sale or lease?
Not at the present time.
Can I view a demo of the March Madness bracket pool software?
Get in touch using the form below and we'll send you the link to the demos.

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